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2017 When Cars and Tech Unite

2017 may be the year that all car and tech enthusiasts were waiting for!

January is a busy month for the auto industry and the world of tech. With CES being over and the North American Auto Show nearing the end, we got the first row seat to all of the emerging innovations happening in 2017.

Cars are getting smarter:

Cadillac CTS sport sedans will feature innovative technology that will increase drivers’ awareness. This system will be able to communicate driving conditions like weather, speed, sudden braking, accidents and more. Having this feature is the first step into the direction of smart, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication and will eventually play a key role in vehicles driving together at high speed without accidents.

In 2017 you will no longer be considered crazy for talking to your car, all thanks to Ford x Amazon partnership. Better yet, this partnership just got you a personal assistant directly in your vehicle. Alexa, Amazon’s pride and joy, that is being currently offered for homes, is now ready to take your shopping orders while you’re driving.

 Google and the autonomous vehicles:

This year, Google chose Chrysler Pacifica as a test bed for its size and height to carry myriad sensors necessary for autonomous driving. Google will have 100 of these cars driving around, so if you see an empty, driverless car don’t freak out. It is just Google bettering our future one Chrysler Pacifica at-a-time.

Tesla will actually have some competition:

Remember the time when Elon Musk stated the following, “There can never — and I mean never — be a discount on a new car coming out of the factory in pristine condition”. Yes, those good old days when Tesla still had no real competition. 2017, however, will be a whole different ballgame, all thanks to the Chevrolet Bolt.  The new Bolt is now capable to drive for 238 miles on a single charge, for much less money than Tesla. Sorry, Elon. Better yet, this roomy hatchback, with zero-emission will not only compete with environmentally friendly giants, but will also compete with family vehicles like Honda Accord and Ford Escape.

We hope you are as psyched about 2017 as we are!

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