3 years After Hurricane Sandy

A Special message with a Special offer for our followers touched by Sandy.

In October 2012 the Northeast was hit by a devastating storm. Many lives were lost, property damaged, iconic areas transformed into something that you would only expect to see from a Hollywood produced thriller. “Frankenstorm” as it was dubbed by the media really put to the test the true toughness of spirit that New York and New Jersey residents are renowned for. As we all watched and lived through history in the making we got to see that in fact it wasn’t just a tale of devastation but rather an age old story of kindness, courage and ultimately recovery. Neighbors, communities and total strangers uniting together in the face of grave danger and opening their hearts and wallets to assist those in direct need.yellow cab flood

New Auto Group would like to take the time now to honor all those that behaved the way they were supposed to at a time when humanity was the top and only priority. We want to thank the brave city and emergency personnel that worked tirelessly to ensure safety and minimize casualties. We were truly inspired and humbled by all of these wonderful acts of good will that we got to witness.In stride with that, we would now like to let you in on a little secret in the auto leasing business.

As we all know, automobiles also suffered a big blow at the time as well with more than a quarter million reported as damaged or in total loss after the ordeal. If you were in an active lease at this time in New York or surrounding area and were impacted by the storm we would like to share with you a special offer that is now available if you are close to the end of your lease expiration. You can get out of the 36 or 39 month lease that you signed back in 2012 early! Special programs on selected brands were created for those who were affected by hurricane sandy. Yes, if your lease ends in January, February or March we can help you get out today!

We hope to hear your inquires soon and are excited to discuss how you can get a great new deal, and jump the gun on this offer while it is still not heavily advertised to the public. You can get a brand new lease at a great price before all those that were lucky enough not to have been in any way burdened by Sandy. We believe that you deserve it!

Remember to check us out for updates often, we strive to educate the consumer so that you can get the best value for your dollar when in search of a perfect vehicle for your needs. In November BMW will host the Ultimate Driving Experience event which can save you anywhere between $500-$1000 on your new BMW. BMW EVENT LINK


Thanks for Reading and a Special thanks to Greg Gluzberg!

Your Friends at New Auto Group!

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