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When it comes to leasing, it is not a perfect fit for everyone. First and foremost a lease is much more complicated than simply buying outright or financing a car. There are many more variables involved in the process. Your broker should be able to help you navigate all the nuances associated with the lease. In fact, you may want one car but you may find out that a different, more expensive car may be the cheaper one to lease.

Many people lease because they want a new car for low monthly payments. Naturally people think that a cheaper car means cheaper monthly payments on a lease. This may be the way things work while dealing with oth [...]

Our application for credit is safe to submit through our secured website (SSL). If you wish to download a copy of the application and email or fax it to us, you may do so here. Submit your application via email or fax: Email: Fax: 718.228.9395

As the car leasing industry grows people often ask, why should I work with an auto broker, as opposed to working directly with a dealership? How would an auto broker help me if I already did all of my research? What do they actually do and how will I benefit from their services?  As part of our customer satisfaction and education efforts, we decided to shine some light on a few major reasons why you should work with our licensed auto brokers.

We’re on your side:

Unlike fast-talking, jargon-throwing dealership salespeople, auto brokers are there to represent your best interests. Licensed auto brokers, like those you will find when working with us, bring knowledge and negotiation skills to the table on your behalf. Our auto brokers are aware of all of the minute details of working with dealerships, which a typical consumer does not have much experience with. And with a keen knowledge of the

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