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During the winter, all you want to do is to get home, snuggle under a warm blanket, make yourself a cup of cocoa, and indulge in a Netflix binge. But nothing ruins that beautiful daydream like a flash from a speed camera. Yes, that agonizing flash of headaches and fines you have to spend your time dealing with. Since most drivers are familiar with this burden, New Auto Group is here to help you avoid the hassle of dealing with the DMV. For this reason, we want to share this nifty tool with you all.

Let us introduce you to the best thing we had seen online in 2017. Drumroll, please! The New York City Photo Enforced Camera Map! This is not a drill, just the best thing EVER!


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The joyous feeling of sitting behind the wheel of your new car, air full of the new car scent, and no we do not mean a whiff of the “New Car Scent” from the Little Tree, we mean the real new car smell. You know, the scent of new adventures, new roadtrips, the feeling of pride and accomplishment, and of course new Instagram posts.

Yeah, it is a good feeling!

Unfortunately, that new car scent dissipates, the pride of owning a new vehicle diminishes, but the monthly payments keep piling up and your debt still seems to remain the same. Now that is something no one is joyous about. Perhaps that is the reason why over 20% of auto buyers prefer to lease the car, and with new possibilities, better prices, models and options that number is growing faster than ever.

And although we know that some of you are still worried that leasing a

Forest green 75th anniversary edition jeep grand cherokee
Celebrating 75 years of engineering Jeep has decided to roll out a limited edition lineup for the 2016 model year. These “75th Anniversary” crossovers and SUV’s have a distinct difference in styling from the rest of their respective lineups but add a twist.
Infiniti Q50 Front Exterior
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