BMW Vision 100

BMW's future vision

BMW has always been known for its technological advancements but now they’ve taken things to a new level. The 2016 BMW 7 Series sedan has been said to be the most technologically advanced luxury sedans on the market. BMW doesn’t want to stop there. BMW has revealed technology way ahead of its level. They have revealed a vision for their next 100 Vision coupe which is set to be the size of a 5 series sedan with the interior room of a 7 series sedan.  

The car is going to have a semi autonomous driving mode. The car will have lights on the exterior of the vehicle allowing pedestrians and bystanders to know that it is driving autonomously. BMW refers to this as a co pilot who assists in driving making it safer to drive. It will also have an autonomous drive mode called “ease mode”, in which the center console will retract and the car will turn on its exterior indicator lights letting the surroundings of the vehicle know it is driving autonomously. Videos will be permitted to play and the driver can conduct business while the car takes care of the driving. This is a very technologically advanced update for the German Brand, and even though it isn’t a site to see in the near future it is exciting to know that it is a possibility.

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