Driverless cars are coming soon!

The Future of Automobiles arrived! Well almost, many of you may already know Google has been testing their self driving car for some time now Google self driving car. Positive feedback has inspired major companies like Toyota to
jump on the bandwagon and explore the possible future of driving and are set to release their version of a self
driving car in or by 2020 (Toyota 2020). Elon Musk of Tesla also has announced a self driving vehicle in development set to launch just within a few years. The technology is quite simple. A few sensors and cameras allow the vehicle to
gauge distances, control and adjust speed, and GPS technology allows the vehicle to know where it is.


This is the largest leap in automotive technology since the self parking feature. Besides making the roads safer and easier to navigate, it may bring down some of those high insurance costs. So, whether your ready for it or not. Its coming, and New Auto Group will be first to offer the best deals on the latest vehicles you want to drive. Or, not drive.

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Michael Kaufman

Owner/Automotive Consultant/Blogger

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