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Time to lease!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We at New Auto Group are thankful for our family, our friends and of course you, our customers! For one year we have been serving the auto leasing and buying communities, and are proud to provide the highest possible service in the industry. We are grateful for every referral we get from our happy customers. So, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We are in the holiday season and there are so many special holiday promotions available that are not offered other times of the year. Manufacturers such as Mercedes,BMW, Lexus, Nissan and many more have some of the best deals coming up before the end of the year!

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We would like to share a very important list for those customers that are first time leasers. Many people shy away from leasing a car due to an “old school” mentality that seems to fool people into thinking its way more expensive. While financing a car can be financially beneficial after your 6th year of ownership (due to no monthly payments) many young professionals and their families are starting to see things differently. WAKE UP!! We made a list!

Pros of Leasing:

  1. Lower Monthly Payments– Typically leasers pay between 30%-60% less than financing the same vehicle per month
  2. Lower Upfront costs – Ask about our $0 down deals
  3. The Vehicle is covered under warranty for the life of the signed lease. No worries if something goes wrong. It won’t cost you any money!
  4. Get the absolute latest automobile technology with your new lease!
  5. No high maintenance costs- many people unsuccessfully try to recoup costs of ownership of the car
  6. Drive a new car every 24-39 months! At New Auto Group we have qualifying programs to help you exit your lease early if desired!
  7. Leases can be extended month to month if the customer chooses to stick with that car for a few months longer and in many cases lock in the payment up to 6 months at a time
  8. No more wasting you valuable time by spending hours at the dealership just to negotiate a deal that New Auto Group can give with your first visit or phone call! – Simplicity is what the car world needs

We hope you are now convinced the best deals of the year are now and only at New Auto Group!

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