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No better time for Jeep Programs!

Jeep has always been a brand which has made going off road a breeze. Snow, sand, rocks, and mud are conditions in which all Jeep vehicles flourish in. The Jeep Cherokee has been a vehicle the brand has marketed to those who need a compact SUV in the entry level budget. As a consumer this vehicle really gets you your money’s worth. For a resident of New York City there is not a single compact SUV that can come close to the things the Jeep Cherokee can produce in its money range. A typical winter in New York City consists of snow, sleet, rain, and tight parking spaces filled with snow which makes finding a spot almost impossible. With the Jeep Cherokee that isn’t a problem. Going over snow banks, and fitting into tight spots is made a breeze with its Snow Mode AWD system and rear view camera.

In 2017 Jeep has announced a new trim to the Cherokee family. A huge hit has been the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland which adds luxury and class yet keeping all the off road capabilities available and making ownership affordable. That is the goal with the all new 2017 Jeep Cherokee Overland. Upgraded body styling, polished 18 inch rims and interior upgrades from the Limited trim, add the classiness and luxury to distinguish it from the rest of the trims while still keeping the off road capabilities all Jeep owners love and cherish. Jeep promises that with the Overland no off road capabilities will be limited and will allow consumers to purchase a more luxurious compact SUV with the glitz and glam the Grand Cherokee offers. Currently New Auto Group is running some of the strongest Jeep deals in recent history.

Article Written By:

Steven Cherkasov

Automotive Consultant

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