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Lease Return Tips and Guide


Your lease is ending and now you’re in a predicament as to what you should do and how to go about it. The car you made so many memories in, taken on so many road trips and spent so much time stuck in traffic with, is reaching it’s last month of the lease. It’s a sad, stressful and confusing time for most consumers. You have to start the hassle of shopping for another car and realize that all the times you squeezed into tight parking spaces – left some “beauty marks” on your car. Now it’s time to decide what you are going to do with your car. The Auto Experts here at New Auto Group wanted to make things a lot easier. We created a guide on how to properly give back your lease without any headaches and with minimal burden on your pocket.

Lease Return Tips and Guide

  • Be 100% honest with your leasing agent!

Let your Leasing Agent know exactly everything about your car. We as Leasing Agents are looking out for your best interests! Before returning your car let your Agent know exactly what is wrong with your car – send pictures we love that! If you have any damages even the slightest scratches or dents let us know. The more we know the more we can help. At New Auto Group we specialize in Lease Returns and if you have any damages on your car we can help you fix those damages at a fraction of the cost that the Bank will charge you. This will not only save you money but know will prevent you from getting a bill of damages on your old car after you are already enjoying your new car.

  • Give us time!

Start your car search at least a month in advance before your lease expires. This gives you time to explore your options as a consumer, time to take care of your damages, and time for your Leasing Agent to locate you the exact color combination and car you have in mind. Your Leasing Agent will be able to take care of everything for you in a timely manner.

  • Get your Car Ready

Before dropping off your old car and picking up your new car make sure you take a few minutes to ensure that you gave back everything. Check to make sure you have the following to prevent any extra charges:

  • Both Sets of Keys
  • Manuals
  • All Accessories the car came with (Floor Mats, Headphones, Cables, etc)
  • If you have your Lease Contract return it to your Leasing Agent
  • Give back the car with at least a ¼ of a tank of gas
  • Know the Bank/ Credit Union which your Car was Leased Through

Before giving your car back let your Leasing Agent know what Bank or Credit Union your car was leased through. This allows the Leasing Agent to know how to return your car and whether or not you will be facing a Disposition Fee.

  • Gather your Personal Belongings

Before returning your old car take 5 minutes and gather your personal belongings in a bag to make sure you do not leave anything behind. Below are just a few common things customers forget:

  • EZPass
  • Sunglasses
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Parking Stickers/ Resident Stickers
  • Charging Cables and Phone Mounts

Now that your Auto Experts at New Auto Group made it easier for you to go about returning your old vehicle the next step is to lease the new one and enjoy it! Give your Auto Experts at New Auto Group a call today and Find Your Perfect Car today!


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