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A Special message with a Special offer for our followers touched by Sandy.

In October 2012 the Northeast was hit by a devastating storm. Many lives were lost, property damaged, iconic areas transformed into something that you would only expect to see from a Hollywood produced thriller. “Frankenstorm” as it was dubbed by the media really put to the test the true

From iPhones to iCars?

Could Apple enter the Automotive Arena

Apple has been reported to be working on an Apple car for a number of years now. As with all apple products, we don’t have many details about what exactly they are planning. We do know Apple has been hiring engineers that have worked on projects for companies like Telsa.Many analysts speculate the vehicle is likely going to be electric

The Future of Automobiles arrived! Well almost, many of you may already know Google has been testing their self driving car for some time now Google self driving car. Positive feedback has inspired major companies like Toyota to
jump on the bandwagon and explore the possible future of driving and are set to release their version of a self
driving car in or by 2020 (Toyota 2020). Elon Musk of Tesla also has announced a self driving vehicle in

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