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Six Perks Of Car Leasing

The joyous feeling of sitting behind the wheel of your new car, air full of the new car scent, and no we do not mean a whiff of the “New Car Scent” from the Little Tree, we mean the real new car smell. You know, the scent of new adventures, new roadtrips, the feeling of pride and accomplishment, and of course new Instagram posts.

Yeah, it is a good feeling!

Unfortunately, that new car scent dissipates, the pride of owning a new vehicle diminishes, but the monthly payments keep piling up and your debt still seems to remain the same. Now that is something no one is joyous about. Perhaps that is the reason why over 20% of auto buyers prefer to lease the car, and with new possibilities, better prices, models and options that number is growing faster than ever.

And although we know that some of you are still worried that leasing a car may not be the best option for you, here are the six perks of leasing a car:

1. A New Car Every Few Years!

We don’t think this one needs too much introduction, it is truly that simple. You lease a car, enjoy all of the perks of driving the latest vehicle and when you are done with it, just bring it back and choose the next showstopper.

2. Lower Initial Payments

When you lease a car the principal portion of your payment is often much less that the price you would get with a loan. Which means lessees get more bang for the buck by being able to afford a more luxurious car. Now that is a sweet deal!

3. Worry- Free Maintenance

Most new cars are covered by a 3 year to 36 month warranty, thus a three year lease relieves you from the worry of having to deal with costly repairs. Additionally, good leasing agreements largely eliminate the instance of crucial or unforeseen expenses.

4. No Resale Hassle

Perhaps it’s 2017 talking, or maybe the idea of selling a used car to private buyers or dealerships makes one want to drink some of that antifreeze. But with a lease, all you have to do is simply drive your car back. Yes, just return the car, pay the end-of-the-lease fee, which the New Auto Group’s licensed brokers will help you assess in advance, and as long as you did not totally destroy the car you should be good-to-go.

5. Early Lease Return

Not too crazy about the latest lease? Or are you simply over the cherry-red color you were in the mood for in June? The New Auto Group and our dedicated licensed brokers are here to help. We specialize in early lease transfers and terminations. We will get you out of your current lease and into your dream car hassle-free. Oh and also, and we will even pick up your lease return and take it back for you for FREE!

6. Tax Deductions

The last but certainly not the least benefit of leasing is that lessees can maximize their tax deduction better that a loan can, as long as you use the car for business purposes.

There are many benefits of leasing a car and our dedicated licensed brokers are here to provide our clients with the most transparent, hassle-free services and advice. Give us a call at (212) 400-CARS, or visit our services page here.

You can also check out our specials and read some great reviews from our delighted clients here on Yelp or come visit and like our Facebook page!

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