Tesla Model 3

Pioneering the future!

Tesla has been known for their all electric luxury cars and has appealed to many celebrities and wealthy CEO’s. Now Tesla is looking to extend their market reach by adding a more affordable sedan to their lineup. The Tesla Model 3 doesn’t shy away from the options available in the current Tesla models but adds availability to those who couldn’t afford the brand before. The new Model 3 starts at just $35,000 and has appealed to many individuals already. The brand has announced that they have more than 130,000 models reserved to sell and there is a reason for that. Automotive Press that has had the chance to explore the Model 3 have said that it rides as quietly as a Mercedes Benz S Class, and packs the same technology Tesla has been known for. The Model 3 comes equipped with a 15 inch tablet like touchscreen display which is only 2 inches smaller than the ones equipped in the Model S and X. The car may look tiny or uncomfortable from the exterior but the interior begs to differ. The car is quite roomy and comfortable making it that much more enjoyable to drive. The Model 3 is no V8 twin turbo, but it packs some heat going 0 to 60 in approximately 6 seconds. The Model 3 can compete strongly with the German Luxury entry level sedans, and adds technology which will appeal to many customers. Look for the Model 3 to begin hitting showroom floors in late 2017!

telsa 3 photo

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