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Why Work With Licensed Auto Brokers?

As the car leasing industry grows people often ask, why should I work with an auto broker, as opposed to working directly with a dealership? How would an auto broker help me if I already did all of my research? What do they actually do and how will I benefit from their services?  As part of our customer satisfaction and education efforts, we decided to shine some light on a few major reasons why you should work with our licensed auto brokers.

We’re on your side:

Unlike fast-talking, jargon-throwing dealership salespeople, auto brokers are there to represent your best interests. Licensed auto brokers, like those you will find when working with us, bring knowledge and negotiation skills to the table on your behalf. Our auto brokers are aware of all of the minute details of working with dealerships, which a typical consumer does not have much experience with. And with a keen knowledge of the auto sphere and superb negotiation skills we know how to obtain the lowest possible price out of the local dealers. Because we understand exactly how much money the dealer will make from warranties, extras, and manufacturer rebates.

We’ll save you time and frustration:

We’ve all been there, you’ve spend hours on the car lot bargaining over the car you want. At first you have to negotiate the price with the sales person, who is full of smiles and says all of the right things. You finally agree on the price that works for you and then you’re moved to the finance and insurance office. Suddenly, the discounted price you were ready to pay changes. This often happens because the Finance and Insurance agents find ways to make back the money that was given to you at a discounted price by raising insurance rates, other costs, and warranties. Your auto broker, on the other hand, is able to take care of this irritating process to ensure you get the best price possible. In addition to having your back, your auto broker can even drop off the car and the contract for you to sign in less time than if you had done this yourself.

Whether you are leasing or buying a new car you may feel better about your purchase if you had someone on your side. After all, most people are not professional car buyers so why should they go up against a professional car salesperson alone? At New Auto Group our licensed auto brokers are here for you before, during, and after the purchase of your vehicle.

Our commitment is to our clients and we promise to never upsell, to never false advertise, and to always make customer satisfaction our main priority.

There are many benefits of working with our dedicated licensed auto brokers, so give us a call at (212) 400-CARS and find out how we can help you.You can also check out our specials and read some great reviews from our delighted clients here on Yelp or come visit and like our Facebook page!

Yours truly,

New Auto Group

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